172 days – não adeus, até mais tarde

We remember arriving in Manaus eager for the unknown and now the extent of our life-changing, experience-filled stay is 2 days away. The ministry initiated many interactions between various citizens and created relationships with fellow brothers and sisters that we will never forget.


The group and many other friends arranged for a wonderful gathering to express their thanks to us. We had no idea of what to expect for this event. On arrival, we were greeted with music and loud expressions from the group. The gathering wasn’t a surprise to us, but the amount of people and everything that was planned for us was definitely a surprise. It was very touching to hear the group of young ones singing “Joy of Conventions” in English – “we are sisters, we are brothers, sons and daughters and more. And I love you even though I never met you before. ”

We were amazed, in shock and in awe as various brothers and sisters expressed themselves by way of a speech, poem or song. The love among all there is something we enjoyed receiving and being a part of. We hope our efforts to assist were felt by all that we were able to interact with. The positivity and joy that we were able to experience was just a small measure compared to what we await in the future. We pray that the seeds of truth that are being spread by the English group in Manaus will sprout and grow. Only Jehovah’s kingdom will bring about the necessary changes to the spiritually blind world that we now live in.

We’ll miss assisting in the ministry, Portu-glish conversations, the food, the long walks in scorching heat, the friends, the break times in ministry, the discourses, the waterfalls, “that” waterpark, service in Centro, the Amazon, the bus rides, …Brazil. Sentimos a sua falta, meus irmãos e irmãs. Esperamos vê-lo em breve. Sim, saudade.

UPDATE: The Manaus English group is now the Manaus English congregation! Karina and I plan to serve again where the need is great. — 1Corinthians 15:58

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1 Response to 172 days – não adeus, até mais tarde

  1. Gigi says:

    Enjoyed reading the blog. Continue to keep busy in the Lords work. Gigi

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