A knowledge exchange

Rise and shine…up and at ’em! We need to wake earlier than the norm today as we prepare for a long trip into “the interior”. The trip is by car and ferry. A couple will be visiting a gentleman for a Bible discussion and they have invited us and another young brother to join them. Usually we use the bus system or our feet to get where we need to go. Today we have to get to the couple’s home at a certain time but don’t know if certain buses are working this early. We also aren’t able to communicate in a way that the driver will know how to arrive at our address. Thanks to our Brazilian sister, she calls a taxi to pick us up and we arrive at a good time to start the journey.

We have driven the truck onto a ferry with about 30 other vehicles. The ferry will take us east and across the Amazon River. Along this route, we get to see one of the tourist attractions, Meeting of Waters. The Meeting of Waters is where the Rio Negro and the Rio Solimões (Amazon River) meet and run side by side without mixing for almost 4 miles.  After reaching the other side, we continue by truck and arrive via a little off-road terrain. It’s a wonderful scenery and nice to take in a view of creation without the city environment. The man we have come to talk to is not Brazilian by birth but knows a lot about the land and when and how to grow various fruits and vegetables in this climate. He gave us a tour of his property as he talked about the many fruits, nuts and veggies. Any question we had about them, he was able to answer. Karina and I were surprised to find out that Brazil nuts are in bunches within a very hard coconut-looking shell. And of course after getting them out of that shell, each nut has it’s own shell. I tried my best to imitate what I saw done with a machete to get to the fruit of the nuts. I like the hammer method better.


As a meal was being prepared, we sat down for a Bible discussion. It was great hearing about his experiences in life and activities he was involved in before moving to Brazil. Thanks to the source of truth, the Bible, we were able to answer his questions.

We enjoyed each other’s company over a meal made from food that was grown right around us, even the fish. We stayed until late afternoon and decided to leave before the rain gave us any issues with the off-road part of our journey back home. We have since seen him at meetings. 🙂

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  1. Gigi says:

    Enjoyed another experience of yours. Gigi

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