“Heart of the Amazon”

The last time I blogged, I stated that “Karina e eu temos planos também”. Well, the plans have come to fruition. We are now volunteering our time in ministry that is assisting an English group in Brazil where the need is greater.

The night before our flight to leave the States, we enjoyed an excellent dinner with family. Karina cooked an herb-roasted turkey with shallot pan gravy, green bean casserole, sweet potato soufflé and creamed corn. And I had my first chocolate tres leches cake!


The next morning we arrive to ORL and find out that our flight will be delayed to the extent that we will not be able to get our connecting flight at MIA. Somewhat a problem since our brothers and sisters are expecting us to arrive this night. The airline provides us with the option of paying for our dinner, hotel stay, breakfast and lunch because of having to fly out the next afternoon. This time, the flight schedule is as planned and we (Ellie also) arrive safely in Brazil.


After communication by email and WhatsApp, we finally get to meet the brother, in-person, that cares for the English group. We make our way to a place that has been temporarily provided for us until we are able to find an apartment. We are thankful for this provision.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAnother couple is also assisting the English group; they are visiting from London. We went into our first day of ministry in Brazil in a mode of ministry to speak to known foreign-language speakers. Yes, English is one of the foreign languages spoken in Brazil. Portuguese is the official language. I know many Portuguese words but I am not conversational yet. I can read and understand Portuguese better than speaking the language, but Karina and I still have joyful conversations with our brothers and sisters while in service. Many in the English group are Brazilians that are still learning English. Their continuous efforts are sure to be blessed. Some joined the group without knowing English and are now speaking, reading and writing English.

I’m getting used to wearing short-sleeved dress shirts, no tie and the very hot weather. It has been 100+ degrees everyday that we have been here (plus humidity). The temperature has not hindered the excellent Bible discussions within various public areas.


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2 Responses to “Heart of the Amazon”

  1. Mom says:

    Njoyed reading your blog

  2. R. Thomas says:

    O mais feliz que eu já vi você meu amigo!

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