1, 2, … 34

Many an experience I would like to tell.  From a start in Montgomery, AL, I’ve ventured nationally and internationally.  A love for travel and assisting others was instilled at a young age by 2 loving parents.  I recall varying road trips, by car and motorhome, within our state and beyond. Incidents and encounters that set the stage for reaching out, for assisting, for being strong, for enduring. As of today, years from 1979, I begin to put thoughts and memories to this medium…sharing what will lead to a life abroad.

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2 Responses to 1, 2, … 34

  1. Yunko Babies says:

    Moved by many, seem as many and loved by many… Yet Jesus said his followers would be hated by the world and they must show love amongst themselves as an identifying mark. Thanks for sharing big bro.

  2. Patricia A. Powers says:

    Jason, Great story! Thanks for sharing your ministry and your many experiences as you traveled abroad. I enjoyed reading your day to day Christian fellowship at the 2014 Zimbabwe International Convention. We are simply proud of you for your dedication, endurance and the goals you have set for the work you do to help so many people! Love you! Take care!!

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